Aritst's Biography:

I spent over 20 years as a graphic designer. I always said I would try my hand at making rustic furniture someday when I retire, but I lost my job. So why wait. I jumped in with both feet. I self taught myself building techniques. It wasn’t long before I realized that the stress of my old job was gone and you couldn’t pay me enough to go back to the corporate world. I make a fraction of the money I used to make, but the time I have with my family and my happiness more than makes up for it.

I have been building furniture since 2002. My shop is located in the small town of West Falls, NY south of Buffalo in the foothills of the Alleghany Mountains. Most of my business comes from the Adirondack region so I make many trips there.

I do the annual Rustic Fair at the Adirondack Museum ( in Blue Mountain Lake. I also have a large assortment of furniture at a gallery in Keene Valley called Baldmountain Rustics. (

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